7 Health Life Hacks That Everyone Can Use

This post is about life hacks for your health. These are simple things that we’ve found an even used ourselves that we think everybody should know about so please enjoy.

We all know how hard it is to quit smoking it’s a very addictive nicotine has been known to be harder to quit and even heroin. Did you know that if you’re trying to quit smoking if you go to Isana for a week straight, it helps went out the nicotine make it easier to quit that nasty habit.

So do you have a sore in your mouth that you just can’t seem to heal and you want to go for a decently natural approach. Would you be surprised to know that a basic indigestion pill like Tums can actually be used on a painful mouth sore? The answer is yes just place the times on there and it actually helps the pain go away in very little time.

Here’s a great little life hack for health that you can use if you’ve got a nasty pimple that you can’t seem to get rid of and can’t find any face clear. Simply put a little dab of Listerine on it, and the alcohol actually helps the pimple dissolve and dry up faster.

Another great way to get rid of her unsightly temple is actually poke a hole in a little liquid aspirin kill and dab it on your pimple. The liquid gel from the pill helps it dry up and heal very quickly.

Do you have a sore throat? Did you know that actually eating marshmallows can help your sore throat.

Having a problem with bad dreams stories of actually shown that if you drink half a glass of water before bed and when waking up a can help get rid of bad dreams.

Want some healthy/unhealthy snack. Try dipping cauliflower in barbecue sauce it actually tastes very similar to chicken nuggets.

Dealing with a bad headache? Grape juice can actually help you get rid of severe migraines.

I hope you enjoy these helpful and informative little health life hacks.


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