8 Simple Foot Stretches You Can Do At Home

Feet are one of the most important parts of the body that are often over looked by everyone. From dancers and athletes to regular everyday people.

And on of the main keys to healthy feet which translates into other healthy parts of the body are stretches.

Feet stretches are probably one of the most important types of stretching that everyone should do daily.

Stretching your feet properly daily can help relive back and hip pain and also help you avoid nasty injuries such as plantar fasciitis.

What is Plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a very painful injury. It causes a great deal of pain in the heel and is caused by an inflammation in the tissue that connects your heel bone to the toes.
It is a very common injury in everyone. From ballet dancers and runners to the average person.

This is just one of many common injuries that can be avoided if you properly learn how to stretch your feet.

These stretches are great for those with arches or flat feet.

Here are some great beginner foot stretches that can help you daily.

#1: Foot stretch for balance

Spread your toes apart and stand up tall with your feet equal to your hips. Now you need to lift your toes up with them still spread out and keep them there for 10 seconds. Do this a few times with each foot.

#2: Foot stretch for coordination

For this method you will need a marble or something similar in size. Simply place the marble on the floor and then use your toes to pick it up. Do this repeatedly with both feet for 2 minutes.

Each time you pick it up try and feel all the muscles and bones in your feet working.


#3 Heel raises to stretch your feet

With a chair in front of your body stand up and right lift your leg off the ground. Make sure you bend your left knee some and slowly raise up and down your right heel. Keep attention to your foot to make sure it is aligned with your leg. Do this movement about ten times for each leg. Doing this daily with help you adjust many parts of the foot and leg and improve balance.

#4: Towel foot stretch

You need to sit on the floor for this one and have your legs straight in front of you. With a long enough towel put it around your toes on your right leg and slowly put the towel towards you. Hold it there for 20 seconds and release. Repeat with your left leg and do this about 5 times for each leg.

#5: Best Ballet Style Foot Stretch

source: https://ballethub.com/how-to-stretch-your-feet-safely-easily-for-more-flexibility/

We really love the one above and suggest you checking out there site for more amazing stretches anyone can use.

#6: How to stretch your feet video

This video from via webmd is an amazingly simple set of stretches anyone can do at home daily for maximum benefits.


#7: Chair Foot Stretching

For this simple stretch you need to sit in a chair and cross your left leg over your right. Now slowly turn your ankle on your left foot and rotate it several times. Then do the opposite with the right foot. This is a great stretch to loosen the ankle and over parts of the foot.

#8: Foot rolling stretch

For this simple one you will need a golf ball or something similar. While stand or sitting in a chair place your right foot over the ball and roll it back and forth from you heel to toes. Repeat this with your left foot. This is a simple yet very relaxing stretch. Kinda like a foot massage.

We hope you enjoyed these easy and simple foot stretches and use them daily. Remember we put a lot of weight and importance on our feet daily. And sometimes forget that they really are our foundation. So keeping them happy and healthy is one of the most important parts to avoid injury and feeling better.