Best Ballet – Barre Exercises, Stretches and Workouts for Beginners – DIY at Home

Beginners Guide for the best DIY Ballet and Barre Exercises, Stretches and Workouts

Brief history of ballet dancing

Ballet dancing is worldwide dance style known today, but many don’t know its history. Here is a brief yet to the point in history on ballet dancing. Belly dancing as we know today started in the 1500’s in Italy. It started when the French King Henry the Second married his wife, and she introduced it into French life. The word ballet comes from the Italian word Ballare. Which translated literally means “dance’.

Now lets dive right into the best ballet exercises, workout and stretches for beginners!

These are the best ballet style exercises and stretches for beginners. These are all DIY and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Needed materials: Your body, and a chair

Suggested materials: water, yoga mat, and some good music!


#1: Ballet style ab workout exercises

We find these great for any age and it can be done at home in 20 mins or less!

#2: Ballet Barre type workouts that you can do at home (DIY)

With just a few minutes and a chair you can workout your but, things and stomach! These are easy to do moves and poses.


#3: Full Body Ballet Barre Workout and Exercises Video (DIY with a chair)

These are easy to do moves and poses. This video will walk you thru a great workout!


#4: Legs and Arm Ballet Barre Workout and Exercise


This is a personal favorite that I do once a week for a wonderful but and core workout.


Stretching is important. This will help you prevent injury from your calves and hamstrings, back and other body parts as well as help improve your flexibility and like we said prevent injury.

#5: Ballet Style Stretches for Flexibility


I use these as a warm-up and cool down almost daily.

I hope you enjoy this guide and since I truly believe all the health and mental benefits of Ballet I also cover a bit more below with some suggestions as to why you really should look into it further.

Health benefits of ballet dancing

Ballet dancing is actually a great way for people of all different shapes, ages and such to stay fit physically and mentally as it has many benefits.

You do not need to be a professional to reap all of these benefits. Ballet dancing has actually even been used by many different sports athletes in more modern time to help with flexibility and other amazing health and mental and physical benefits. If a big football player can do it, you can too!

Ballet dancing is great for your lungs, heart and other parts of the body. It helps you increase your strength and endurance and muscle tone and strength. It is wonderful for weight management and getting stronger bones. It helps you with your coordination and flexibility and agility as well. It can also help improve your self and mental confidence. And even help you with your social skills.

Getting started with ballet dancing

The wonderful thing about ballet dancing is it can be done with a partner on your own, out socially or in the comfort of your own home. And with a wonderful technology we have her fingertips you can learn all the amazing stretches and exercises and such from videos from your phone, laptop or TV.

It’s a wonderful way to stay active and keep fit and help you with all the different things we’ve listed above. The best thing about this form of dancing is you don’t need anything but your body. No expensive equipment just a willingness to start.

Why should you learn ballet dancing?

Ballet dancing no matter your skill level teaches you and encourage you to learn more about your body and your own strengths and weaknesses. You learn more about your own anatomy and with that all different aspects of life mentally and physically improve.

Ballet dancing is wonderful for your posture and self-esteem you don’t need to do it very long to reap the benefits of this wonderful art.

And another wonderful thing about this dance form is that it will help you to build strong and lean muscles and not get so bulky.

Learning ballet dancing also helps you transition into learning other forms of dancing as it makes you very aware of your movement, balance, timing and other things.

Here are some common we asked questions about ballet dancing.

What can you use if you don’t have a bar? The answer is simple you can use a chair or countertop or table in your home.

Do you have to be on your toes when you do ballet dancing? No not at all your best suitable going at your own pace as well as your foot strength. You can still reap the benefits of ballet dancing without being on your tippy toes.

Are there stretches and ballet that can help me become more flexible?

Yes, there are tons of wonderful exercises that you perform while doing ballet to help you with stretching and flexibility and coordination.



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