Fruits and Veggies with Real Health Benefits

So it has been awhile but we are back!

Here’s a list of amazing fruits and vegetables and their health benefits for you.


Apricots are a wonderful friend that can help combat cancer they can even help you control your blood pressure. Apricots are also wonderful for your eyes and studies have shown that they can help you shield against Alzheimer’s disease. What a Nother amazing thing about apricots as they’ve also been shown in studies to help slow the aging process.


Avocados are a great thing for your body to they’ve shown to help battle diabetes. Other people have actually had avocados help lower the question off. Some studies of shown that they help stop strokes and control blood pressure. And avocados are great for your skin to make it nice and smooth.


Bananas have been shown to help protect your heart. If you’re fighting a cold bananas can actually help you quite your cough. They also help strengthen bones in control blood pressure. And if you’re feeling nauseous but how this can sometimes help calm your upset stomach.


Cantaloupe is another great fruit that helps with your eyesight. I can help you control your blood pressure in lower your question wrong. Cantaloupe is great for boosting immune system and many other wonderful things.


Cucumbers are great for your skin health. Cucumbers are great for your hair to make it nice and healthy. Cucumbers can actually also be used as a hangover cure and quietly as a mosquito repellent


Dates are great for liver protection and kidney production. They’re also very good source of sugar if you’re diabetic.


Kayle is an amazing super food. It can be used as a long decongestant and helps tremendously with kidney and liver detox. It is also been shown to help increase metabolism and has wonderful antiaging properties.


Lemons are a great fruit for many different things. They help promote wonderful world health and can help reduce kidney stone formation. Lemons have also been help to alleviate signs of depression.


Watermelon is great at reducing high blood pressure. As a wonderful fruit for the heart is great for super hydrating. It can also be used to help clean the kidneys and it Buscemi and system.


Apples are a great fruit for Heart protection. They can also help prevent constipation and black diarrhea. Apples have also been shown to help cushion the joints and improve on capacity and many people.


Alevera is a wonderful plant that has many amazing benefits. I was there is been shown to help and constipation and alkalize the body. And it’s a wonderful for physical burdens and radiation burns.


Artichokes are a wonderful thing to help with digestion. It’s also been shown to help or cholesterol and protect your heart. It’s wonderful it’s stabilizing blood sugar and to help your liver.


BlackBerries are a wonderful friend to help your heart and keep her: clean. They’ve also been shown to be great for your skin.


Oranges have wonderful properties such as helping your heart. And other many great benefits even as a painkiller.


Mangoes are wonderful for free rattle scavenging. They’ve been shown to help improve memory and boots red blood cells and even improve vision and I health.


Last but not least cabbage is a wonderful vegetable to help reduce hangovers. Prevent constipation and even helps to promote weight loss and protect your heart.


I hope that you found these interesting facts about different fruits and vegetables helpful and maybe even share some of your on the comments below.


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