How to Make Your Own Pre Workout

There are so many different types of pre workouts. From supplements to all natural choices. While I could recommend supplements I think it is better to suggest a more natural approach.

Pre Workout supplements are great don’t get me wrong. But the thing is everyones body is different. So I have no clue what will work for you. But I can say that following these make your own all natural pre workouts will help you much like they help me. As food is much more consistent than man made chemicals.

First I want to show you some great charts that show the best foods to benefit you and why for a pre workout snack/meal/smoothie/energy boost/etc…

The idea is after you check out the charts below you can come up with some great DIY ideas for smoothies and such (which I also share some of my fav video recipes).

There are so many different type of foods you can use to make you own pre workout. High protein is always what to look for first!

This is one of my fav pre workout smoothies to make! Yum yum. Plus Im a self confessed coffee addict =)

This chart below is something I suggest printing out of saving on your phone. It has some wonderful advice on pre workout options. And details for different types of workouts.

This again is some great pre workout advice. Depending on your goals for your workout there are different foods you want to add. Cardio and Strength Training suggestions below!

Finally this is just a real basic breakdown and information on foods that are great for pre workouts and why. Always be informed! Knowledge is power.

“This smoothie is perfect for Pre Training because it prepares your metabolism to burn fat! This smoothie helps you lose weight, burn fat”

This recipe for a wonderful pre workout smoothie is awesome because it is Vegan. Lots of protein and so easy to make!

I hope you enjoyed the ideas, info and recipes I shared here on ways you can make your own pre workout.

Please if you have any smoothie recipes to share with me or advice please do in the comments.

Till next time!



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