Why Dancing is Good For Mental Health

Dancing it’s not just a great way to relax and expend the energy it’s a great cardio workout.

Research a shown the dancing can improve your mental health dramatically.

There are many different components of fitness, but dancing includes five great ones for your body and mind and soul.

Cardiovascular endurance flexibility more strength overall flexibility mental health or some of the critical components t to what dancing can do for your fitness.

There’s a reason why dancing is taking over many of the gym classes in the past 20 years. Not only is it much better than using a treadmill or a plain old stair stepper.

The other wonderful thing about dancing is you can do it alone or as a social activity.

Another amazing health benefit of dancing for fitness as it can keep your brain nice and sharp. Studies have shown that dancing has reduced the reduction of dementia risk in many different people.

And finally dancing is a significant fitness activity because they’re such a wide variety of dances that you can do. And the best part about it is it’s gentle in the body because are so many different types of dances that you can include in your fitness.


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